November 25, 2015

SOCIALCIDE - Burn In Hell, Bundy EP (2007)

Here's a rager I picked up last weekend for $3. Great fast early 80's style USHC, the way your momma used to make. I just love the guitar tone on this record. The first 20 seconds of the opening track is one of the best intros in hardcore, in my humble opinion. 8 songs in 9 minutes, what more do you need?

1. Socialcide
2. Oldhead Fuckhead
3. Kill A Junkie
4. Thoughts Of My Future
5. Burn In Hell, Bundy
6. Suicide (NY Wolfpack)
7. Follow The Herd
8. We Aren't Impressed

1 comment:

  1. Happy Crapsgiving! Seriously, thank you for this great ep!