June 22, 2012

SOLDIERS OF MISFORTUNE - Pay Attention... tape (1996)

Soldiers Of Misfortune were one of my favorite local acts in the mid to late 90's. They wrote some great tunes and were always fun to see live. I liked them so much I even put together a tribute Myspace page because I felt they were totally underrated. This cassette was their only release, taken from two different recording sessions. Tracks 1-7 were from their first demo, recorded on a 4-track in Sept '95. The rest were recorded at Profile Studios on November 21st the same year. Strangely enough, the demo sounds way better than the studio tracks. The bass was too loud and the guitar too quiet on that recording and in my opinion didn't really do the band justice. Maybe that's why they included those demo tracks on this tape.  
1. Neighbors (demo)
2. Everybody Dies (demo)
3. Average Joe (demo)
4. Urban Safari (demo)
5. Mommy (demo)
6. Alcoholic With A Gun (demo)
7. Message To Myself (demo)
8. Neighbors
9. Average Joe
10. Old Macdonald
11. Mommy
12. Urban Safari
13. Alcoholic With A Gun
14. New Age (Subhumans)
15. Message To Myself
16. Soldiers Of Misfortune
17. The Grass Song
18. Everybody Dies

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