June 1, 2012

INDIGESTI - Osservati Dall'Inganno LP (1986)

Indigesti are often referred to as 'The Italian Bad Brains'. Although their vocalist does try to sing like H.R. at times, I think they really pulled off their own sound with this record, their debut full-length. While their earlier material is straight up fast USHC, 'Osservati' showed how much they evolved as a band, and not in a bad way either. This album sounds like it could have been released in the early to mid 90's, so I guess you can say they were a bit ahead of their time.
On a recent trip to Rome, I picked up a CD reissue that included some video footage from their 1987 US tour, and a book featuring photos, lyrics and liner notes (in Italian). But what really disappointed me is that CD itself sounded like it was ripped from vinyl, crackle and all. I'm not sure if was either a case of 'this is the way it was meant to be heard' or the master tapes were long lost. Had I known that, I would've just bought the LP instead and done it myself. So I did that anyways. This was ripped from the 1995 Vacation House reissue. 

1. Silenzio Statico
2. Doppio Confronto
3. Diretto Nel Mio Sguardo
4. Senso Di Abitudine
5. Fragile Costruzione Mobile
6. Osservati Dall' Inganno
7. Alone D'Oro
8. Dune
9. Dubbio Legato
10. Permessi Nel Disagio
11. Uguale Nell' Uguale
12. Oltre Camera