April 4, 2016

SANNYASIN - For Those Who Crucify Us tape (1999)

14 years ago I saw these guys at a sXe hardcore show in Lisbon Portugal and they blew my socks off. I normally don't listen to this type of melodic hardcore, but something about them just resonated with me. So of course I bought their demo tape at that gig. I used to play it all the time, but at some point I've seemed to have misplaced it. Luckily I have it on a burnt CDr that I downloaded off an old Lisbon Hardcore page. This version includes a Bad Brains cover that wasn't on the tape. 
1. For Those Who Crucify Us
2. Mind Pugilism
3. Deathstopsthebreathingsong
4. Resurrection
5. Sannyasin
6. Centered
7. Lifer
8. Depression (Black Flag)
9. Sailin' On (Bad Brains)

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