September 9, 2014

VA - We Still Keep On Running With D.O.A. CD (2002)

Normally I don't go in for tribute comps because let's face it - they usually suck. I was somewhat interested in this Japanese tribute to D.O.A. mainly because it featured Total Fury, who I've posted on here before. This CD was released to coincide with D.O.A.'s 2001 Japan tour and the bands on it were also their opening acts. I wonder if First Alert realized their contributions were actually written by the Subhumans and Rude Norton? 
1. CONSTRICTED - Nazi Training Camp
2. CONSTRICTED - Legalized Theft
3. TOTAL FURY - Get Out Of My Life
4. TOTAL FURY - I Hate You
5. SMASH YOUR FACE - America Is Beautiful
6. WAG PLATY - New Age
7. WAG PLATY - Whatcha Gonna Do?
8. FIRST ALERT - Fuck You
9. FIRST ALERT - Tits On The Beach
10. GO - Thirteen
11. GO - General Strike
12. D.O.A. - Return To Lumberjack City
13. D.O.A. - To Hell N' Back Again