April 12, 2014

KRADLE - Demo (1986)

From Metal Archives,

"Kradle formed in 1982 and became known in '83 after opening for Blue Oyster Cult at the Pacific Colesium in Vancouver. They played various sold out shows before finally getting offered a deal from Enigma Records. Due to bad managment advice, the band turned it down convinced a better offer would come along. Kradle disbanded after lead singer Tod Anthony Larkin was tragically drowned in a boating related accident in 1989. 

In 2002, three of Kradle's biggest die-hard fans (singer Jason Rodgers, guitarist Guy Mander and drummer Kevin Lovering) approached original bass player Steve Courchaine about wanting to re-form the band. Original guitarist and drummer Harry Degen and Claude Erfone had no interest without Larkin, but gave them their blessing. They played some gigs and recorded "Unleashed", a 9 song CD consisting of 6 old songs and 3 new ones written with the new line up in 2003.

After watching Kradle perform live, the response they received convinced Degen and Erfone they wanted back in the band and Courchaine reluctantly had to cut Lovering and Mander loose."

It is a shame these guys never got signed back in the day. Personally I think 'Hunger For Love' could've been a big hit. The Georgia Straight recently reposted online an article from 1984 about the band. According to that, they already had a four song demo. So maybe this was actually recorded in 1984, not 1986. Unless this one here is their 2nd demo?

1. Heavy Metal Victory
2. Hunger For Love
3. Soulstripper
4. Living For The Thrill