November 21, 2022

VA - War Between The States SOUTH tape (1985)

Cassette comp of mostly obscure USHC bands from the American South (with the exception of a few from Michigan and California. I know California is in the southern half of the States but not considered a Southern state, if you catch my drift). Ripped from a recent reissue of the 1989 pressing. 


  1. Oh Damn!.. These cassettes (North and South) actually came out in 1986. Discogs has it wrong...How do I know that? Because Antiseen was still an infant band and I bought the 2 cassettes at a show they did in FL. in '86. They're on the South Compilation (name misspelled lol) and we were laughing about that at the show. Do you have the North also?.... Big Thanks.

    1. Haha, I was just going off of Discogs. I know it's not always 100% right. But I yeah, I got the North one coming up next. Cheers

    Cheers Jimmy B... These tapes may have been 1st released very late in 1985, but either way, who cares... Thanks to you for these rips, and whoever decided to re-release them in the first place..... Quality stuff