January 25, 2023

January 20, 2023

EXTERMINIO - Demo 84 LP (2015)


[In Jerry Seinfeld voice] "What's the DEAL with Spain having so much great punk rock?!" Here's yet another raw demo from back in the day getting a new life on vinyl. Includes a live set from 1985 on the flip side which doesn't sound too half bad.

January 16, 2023

ODPADKI CIVILIZACIJE - Zaklenjena Vrata LP (2014)


Here's more insane Slovenian hardcore for you if that last post wasn't enough. Released with on a split LP with DISTRESS which I didn't include here since their tracks are available on Spotify and Apple. 

January 9, 2023


 I'm sure it's only a matter of time until a label like F.O.A.D. does an official discography record by Huvudtv√§tt, since they've just put out archival releases by fellow Swedes NYX NEGATIV and SOUND OF DISASTER. Bur if it never happens I'm okay with that because this bootleg collection will more than suffice. 

January 5, 2023

C.H. - No Seas Como Ellos EP (2003)

 Keeping it in Colombia for this next one. I was told this group featured the singer from MURO, who are one of my favourite contemporary HC bands from the last decade.

January 1, 2023



I think this split is one of the very first punk 7"s to come out of Colombia. Ripped from the 2012 bootleg that includes 3 bonus songs.