April 8, 2021

STATO DI POLIZIA - Uccidi Tuo Fratello EP (1992)

Short-lived 80's Italian HC. Another one of those bands that didn't release any vinyl during their brief existence, just appeared on a few cassette comps. 

April 4, 2021

VA - CBGB'S 1982 CD (2002)

 I was lucky enough to score one of these CD's off the Ratcage Records website 19 years ago as they only made a limited number of copies. Recently someone messaged me on Discogs offering me a lot of $$$ for it and if I was hurtin' for cash I might have taken them up on it. But I'm not at the moment so I figured I'd just share it on here instead. The CD itself is only 3 tracks (the full set by each band), but I spliced it up by song the best I could as live recordings can be a bit tough sometimes. If you'd prefer the tracks by set and not by song let me know. Enjoy!

April 1, 2021

BAD MAN - Neighborhood Watch LP (2008)

 Fast snotty skate punk from San Pedro, California that remind me of Destroy L.A. at times. Maybe they shared members?

March 28, 2021

THE LATIN DOGS - Warning! EP (1982)


KBD HC from Battle Creek, Michigan. First heard these guys through their cut 'Killed In Jail' off the Bloodstains Across The Midwest comp. Ripped from the 2003 bootleg which has the pic from the back cover on the front for some reason. Another great out of print 7" that definitely needs the good ol' remastered reissue treatment.

March 21, 2021

JERRY'S KIDZ - Well Fed Society EP (1984)


This is Albuquerque not Boston. Okay so it's no 'Is This My World?' but let's face it, few HC albums are. Still ai-ight tho. Ripped from the 1997 bootleg CD reissue. 


March 17, 2021

VIOLENT APATHY - Reason EP (1995)

 The pride of Kalamazoo, Michigan. This bootleg 7" includes their 1982 demo plus tracks from the Process Of Elimination and Master Tape Vol. 2 comps. The big question is, when will Alona's Dream Records put out a Violent Apathy discography LP? Since they've done releases by fellow Midwesterners Bored Youth and Necros, seems like they'd be the label to do it. Make it happen yo!