February 10, 2013

VA - Bud Luxford Presents: On Sale Inside LP (1981)

I finally broke down and bought this after seeing it in local record stores for many years. This was the second Bud Luxford compilation of fuck bands, made up of members of more "serious" acts such as the Pointed Sticks and Subhumans (to name a few). At the end of this record Bud says, "I know you enjoyed listening to this album and I hope you buy the third one when it comes out." Only I don't think they made a third one. 


  1. Thans so much for this

    i never bought this 2nd one for some reason

    i bought the 1st pretty well on release

    All my vinyls were stolen a while ago . This was one in there i really miss

    Do you have it to share ?


    1. If I had the first one, it would be up here. I'm still keeping my eyes peeled for it. Cheers!