October 8, 2011

VA - Cryptic Compost tape (1987)

Put out by C.O.H. fanzine. This cassette is made up mainly previously unreleased demo and live recordings of varying sound quality and volume. Good mix of local punk, hardcore and thrash metal.

1. Adversity - Skate For God
2. Adversity - World's Gone Crazy
3. Adversity - Differences
4. Dead Society - VD & Glue
5. Dead Society - Virgin Killer
6. Lethal Virus - Alcohol
7. Lethal Virus - NIENAWISC
8. Spores - Up The Boss
9. Spores - The Nasty Song
10. Dioxin - Nuclear Holocaust
11. Dioxin - America
12. Death Sentence - No Way
13. Death Sentence - Hitler-Ronnie
14. Fratricide - Scream Bloody Vengeance
15. Fratricide - Blood Red Dream
16. Karrion - Necro Nightmare
17. Karrion - They Must Die
18. Witches Hammer - Deadly Mantis
19. Witches Hammer - Final Storm
20. Odds Crypt - Faces Of Death
21. Odds Crypt - Winged Mantis
22. Odds Crypt - Vado Mori
23. Subverse - Iconoclast
24. Subverse - 101%


  1. Hey, thanks for posting this. I remember it well, hadn't thought about it in years and years though. I must have sold the Adversity LP but I still have the subverse/desecration split. Never had the "jesus was a martian" 7" (if that's what it was called)

    Someone asked me about Subverse the other day, I don't think I ever saw them. Maybe too young, I cant remember. I seem to remember PASTE though.

    Been trying to get old local demos again of Vancouver bands late 80s-93. The scene that seemed to end after the Vancouver Against Youth Violence show for Jesse Cadman.

    Great Blog,


  2. Thanks! As for Subverse, Boss Tuneage Records is putting out a discography CD soon

  3. Hilarious! I put Cryptic Compost out when I was ... 14? It was a great way for me to meet the bands and get engaged in Vancouver underground music community. I dubbed these cassettes on my Mom's 'high-end' dual cassette recorder... it was fancy and cool for it's time... i think i burned the motor out on it making all the dubs.

    If you go to my website (it's old and out dated... but anyway....) and under the 'music' section, go to the bottom - you can view the booklet that came with it http://www.kimkinakin.com/

    One day I'll update my website and add this link to the music - thanks for digitizing this ... too cool!

    Funny thing - i just got an email from one of the members of Dead Society, Jason - asking if i still had copies of this compilation.... i found the tape but was stuck trying to think of how i'd get it digitized... I'll pass this on to him!


    1. I borrowed the tape off a friend of mine so I could rip it. Never saw the booklet before. Cheers!

  4. hi kim hi jimmy ,great stuff !! love your blog . Wanna ask if you have any demo of dioxin ;;;; that band kills .hope you can help me . keep it up !!!

    1. The Uncovered Reality comp also has a few Dioxin songs as well!