October 2, 2016

MASSACRE 68 - ¡No Estamos Conformes! LP (1990)

I discovered this Mexican band on Youtube a while back. I downloaded it off Soulseek but it was a pretty crappy sounding rip so I bought the LP online. My copy is a bootleg so I'm not sure how much better the original sounds. I'm guessing it's still a pretty raw recording no matter what, which is fine by me.
1. Un Día En Pekín
2. Tantos Días Tantos Años
3. Sistema Podrido
4. Ejército Nacional
5. Crimen Capitalista
6. Torturas
7. Masacre 68
8. No Estamos Conformes
9. Víctima Del Vicio
10. Policías Corruptos
11. Presos Políticos
12. Miseria
13. Elecciones
14. Ellos O Nosotros
15. Malditos Candidatos


  1. is still a mistery to me how this record isnt hyped yet. maybe its better this way - fucking raw howhever i know there are more recent tracks by this band online with a better production. This bootleg seems to be a bit better soundwise but yeah its a raw record regardless
    Needless to say i love this record and this band. cheers

  2. Gracias, cheers!!!

  3. Para ser un bootleg se oye muy bien lo estaba buscando en 320, gracias a este blog lo encontre, gracias por compartirlo, saludos.

  4. I'm with homie, idk how this LP isnt hyped on an international level, actually that whole mid 80's Mexico City scene, it was all raw, and tough as nails, Atoxxxico, M.E.L.I, Histeria, Sedicion etc etc. Regardles, thanks for the upload. Cheers!