January 25, 2016

BASTARDS - Siberian Hardcore LP (1984)

Finland's answer to the Varukers. Notice the theme this month? Unlike the last two Finnish records I've posted, this one was sung entirely in English. A bunch of these tunes were recorded in their native tongue on earlier releases, so this record must have been their attempt at getting noticed outside of their homeland. Anyways, if you're into UK82 there's no reason you won't dig this. Ripped from the 2005 vinyl reissue.
1. Tomorrow
2. War Heroes / No Noise In The Silent World
3. Soldiers Of God
4. Salvation
5. Black Parade
6. Binding Rules
7. World Burns To Death
8. Anxious To Forget
9. Siberian Hardcore
10. Lord Taketh, Lord Giveth
11. Red Freedom
12. Vote For Your Lords
13. Junky's Life
14. Blind Hate
15. Balance Of Horror
16. The Beginning Of The End
17. Insane World

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