July 9, 2012

THE EFFIGIES - For Ever Grounded LP (1984)

After downloading nothing but crappy rips of this LP for years, I decided to try to track down the vinyl and rip it myself. It took me a while, but I was able to score a decent copy on ebay for under $20. Although I prefer the band's earlier material, this album does have some great songs. If you're not familiar with The Effigies, try to find "Remains Nonviewable", which compiles their first 3 EP's and a few songs off For Ever Grounded.

1. Smile!
2. A Tight And Blue Cut
3. Silent Burn
4. Patternless
5. What's The Beat
6. The Infiltrator 
7. Hand Signs
8. Rather See None
9. Coarse In Vain
10. Mob Clash
11. Something That...

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  1. Hey there - great post!

    I run the floundering The Power of Independent Trucking blog (floundering thanks to Mediafire having shut me down twice) and have been searching for this record - in decent quality - for ages. I'd like to do my best to clean it up; any chance you can contact me via email and we can sort something out presuming you still have the lossless files? I can be reached at analogloyalist at gmail dot com....